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Matt Carriker  and the Demolition Ranch

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Demolition Ranch is a Texas YouTuber who has three channels; Off The Ranch and Vet Ranch. On his main channels Demolition Ranch he has over 2 million subs and he tests how strong random items are by shooting them with different caliber guns. He used to “50. Cal Fridays” but he has stopped doing them recently. His most viewed videos are when he puts random items in a shotgun shell and shoots them.

On his more resent channel, Off The Ranch, he only has 261,379 subs and he videotapes his every day life. On one of his recent he went to Roman vs Fousey and Rob from lunkers tv let demolition ranch us his band new go cart. His real name is Matt Carriker and he has a wife and two kids. Matt is also veterinarian that’s why he created vet ranch.

On Vet Ranch, Mat makes videos that show the stories of at-risk animals from when they are bought to the vet to when they are on good health. Most animals on vet ranch are from an organization called San Antonio Pets Alive or (SAPA). Matt works at Fairs Oak Ranch Veterinary in Boerne Texas. After Matt treats the animals he said “that they are more likely to find a home”.

Matt went to A&M’s college of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and he was the class of 2008 then he was recruited by Vet Ranch in the Dallas area.  Matt’s most recent channel that he made called Off The Ranch where he shows his everyday life .Matt started Vet Ranch because  their where so many dogs in the city pound.  On Off The Ranch he has a series on all the animals that he has at his house so I think it’s easy to say that he loves animals. Currently, Off The Ranch has only 264,719 subs because most of the people from his main channel haven’t come to his new channel. Matts YouTube channels started has a hobby. However he soon there was a potential in monetizing his videos.

Matt started Vet ranch as a nonprofit organization to raise funds for the treatment of homeless animals and to get them to a home where they are loved and are treated right.  Although graduated in 08 he didn’t get his veterinary license till 2012. After getting his license his family relocated to Boerne, Texas.


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Kingfisher High School, Kingfisher, OK
Matt Carriker  and the Demolition Ranch